Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Rewriting the present to preserve the future.

When I started this project last year Izzy had a completely different back-story. I wasn't happy with the script I'd written but I started drawing it anyway thinking I could make alterations as I drew. The script went through countless revisions before I eventually realised it just wasn't working. Now that I’ve rewritten Izzy’s origin, those six pages of comic art from the old script are redundant. Here they are.

Izzy, a much older teenager, is playing her songs in a pub when her manipulative ex boyfriend Stuart arrives with his band and steals her limelight.

Izzy is fed up and wants to give up playing music. Sonar asks Izzy to join his band and introduces Silo. Izzy listens to a recording of The Asteroids' music.

Izzy becomes intoxicated by The Asteroids’ music. It was supposed to be a device that unlocked hidden memories in Izzy’s mind, convincing her to leave Earth with these strangers. Stuart interrupts the device. Izzy and Stuart have a fight and Izzy leaves with Sonar to join The Asteroids. Stuart threatens Izzy but a mysterious stranger hits him over the head with a guitar case.

So that was what could have been. I think the new version of the story is stronger. There’s much more going on and the events that take place will have more of an impact on the future for Izzy and the Asteroids.

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